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Bible Skills

Bible Skills

How to Navigate the Bible

When you pick up the Bible, how do you find your way around? Turn left? Turn right? Go north? Go south? Like finding your way around a map, it always helps to understand key terms and a general idea of the layout. The word “bible” means little books and it is a collection of writings that God inspired over a 4,000 year period. The names of the books and the order of the books are things that everyone should know. to find their way around.

How to Read the Bible

As a foundation for Bible study, every follower of Jesus should develop a consistent habit of Bible reading.  But more than just jumping in and out of the Scriptures, you should learn to read God’s word in its context and apply it to your life. Like a bar of soap that has little effect unless it is applied to your skin, the Bible will have little effect unless it is applied to your life. Some simple helps will get you going. 

How to Study the Bible

In addition to the habit of reading the Bible, everyone should learn how to study the Bible.  More than simply being the beneficiary of someone else’s study, you can study the Bible for yourself and come away with its intended meaning. A unified set of basic steps (observation, interpretation, application), and a comprehensive set of skills (Bible survey, chapter analysis and Bible synthesis) will make anyone a good student of the Word.

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