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eNews - "The Point"

We call our electronic newsletter "The Point" for a variety of reasons. 1) The phrase is often used to convey purpose as in, "Get the point." As we have discerned a vision of what God wants us to do and to be as a church, it is important that we communicate this vision in everything that we do. 2) The phrase can also allude to the summit of a mountain and though the world that we live in has many obstacles, we believe that God wants us to rise above them and experience a full and abundant life. 3) The phrase can also refer to a leadership role when someone "takes the point" and leads the way.

Current News

In every newsletter will find a short message from the Senior Pastor, a preview of the Sunday morning service and a variety of other up-to-date announcements. You will always find information about the children and youth ministries and thee will always be a "Week at a Glance" section. The best way to stay current, though is to subscribe and get the news sent directly to your inbox.

Past Newsletters

Want to look up something that you missed? Check our our archive page and catch up. As often as we can, we will include summary articles of recent events in much the same way that a newspaper will report on the news. These articles include things like: news from the Mission Field with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, news from our children and youth activities and just about any other kind of news that is worth retelling.

Join Our Mailing List

Newsletters are sent weekly and they usually arrive on Friday morning. Use the links here to enter your email address and you will be on the list for the very next issue. If at any time you wish to unsubscribe, links are always available in the newsletter itself to opt out. If you know of anyone who might be interested in things that are happening at First Alliance Church, tell a friend.


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