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History is important in all of our lives. Everyone needs to know where they have come from and if you are joining an organization - even the church - you should know their roots.

The roots of First Alliance Church have several important developments. The most recent development takes us to the days when this church was planted. The movement that gave us our vision is called, "The Christian and Missionary Alliance," and the foundation is built upon the person and message of Jesus Christ. Please read about each of these developments. Read Complete Article



First Alliance Church is a member of the Christian & Missionary Alliance, an evangelical, Bible-believing, missionary sending, church planting movement. The following segments come from the denomination website and will help you to know more about our greater church family and the heritage of our faith. Read Complete Article


First Alliance Church is blessed to have a facility with a 300 seat sanctuary, a large multi-purpose room, a kitchen, a chapel, office space and 12 classrooms. Our space is used by the congregation, two sister churches and a variety of community groups. Please come for a visit and let us serve you!

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