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Our culture understands love well enough, but when it comes to surrender we often struggle. We are more concerned with keeping our rights that we believe we have earned. But it was not this way with Jesus. A quick look at His life and we find him sacrificing His rights and social status so that he could serve others with the gospel. In this series we are exploring what is means to Love others through Surrender no matter how similar or different they might seem, because this is the example Christ has given us. 

Sermon Series List

Messages are being stored for up to two years, so look over what we have done and see if there is anything that you would like to listen to (again). Most sermons are organized by series and each series listing is broken down by date, speaker, title and text. Clicking on the series title will open a media player for you to use. You may also download messages for listening on other devices.

Special Messages

Throughout the year, we are blessed to have special guest speakers. Sometimes these are missionaries; at other times they are people who have come to the church for a special purpose. They are listed in order of date. In addition to these messages, individual messages by our pastors will be located here as well as testimonies by members of the church.
































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