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Archives for July 2021

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Why Did Jesus Come?

Why Did He Come

This is a good question because it assumes a very important part of the Gospel story - Jesus came. He came from heaven to earth, leaving his intimate union with the Father, taking on flesh, becoming like us. His coming is the story of Christmas and the reasons why are many....

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How Can Anyone Believe in the Virgin Birth?

Virgin Birth

This is a good question because virgin births just don't happen. This one incident has never been repeated and we tend to doubt things that we can't experience multiple times. It is also a good question because the identity of Jesus depends on it....

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What do I need to do to go to heaven?

What do I need to do to go to heaven.JPG

This is a good question because most people want to go there. Even those who are not sure that there is a heaven prefer going there instead of hell or even going there instead of going nowhere at all. ...

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Why does God allow evil and suffering to exist? - Part 2

Why does God allow suffering..JPG

The experience of suffering, though it is related to evil, needs its own answer. Suffering can be found throughout human history, but the best place to start is at the cross of Jesus Christ....

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